Olivia Fry #9 I 2025 OPS Jordan E40

5’5″ PG | Olivia is a true lefty guard. She leads the break in transition with smooth passes, great floor vision, and can get to the basket with her quick first step. She is not afraid of the moment.

Joslyn Bricker #10 I 2025 OPS Jordan E40

5’8”/ SG | Joslyn is a shooter with range, has the quickness to attack the paint and knock down the mid-range jump shot. She plays with high intensity, has nice release when she shoots the ball and can facilitate the game with her all-around play.

Aundraya Neavins #1-2025 SMAC Elite E40

 5’8 / G | Aundraya plays with some spark. She is able to get in the paint and attack the basket to draw contact. She follows her shots to grab offensive rebounds, is consistent from the free-throw line, and never gives up on the play.

Denni Lawrence #22 I 2025 SMAC Elite E40

 5’7” / G | Denni is high energy player that attacks at all costs. She gets her hands on a lot of balls, pressures the ball to force turnovers, has great footwork and speed to distract the opposing team. She is a high value player.

Yolanda Floyd #12 I 2025 FBC Legacy UED 16U E40

5’8” / SG | Yolanda is very quick with the ball, shifty with her moves to get around the defender and looks to attack. She shoots the 3 ball well, moves well without the ball to find her open shot, is aggressive on the defensive side and applies relentless pressure on the ball.

Bridget Barber #22 -2025 SMAC Future E40

5’11” / G | Bridget can play multiple positions, she attacks the glass on both ends of the court, knockdown shooter, and plays tight defense with good help-side defense. Great player who can do it all.

Elizabeth Hunt #33 I 2026 Ohio Future Whitt Black E40

6’0” / SF | Elizabeth plays and runs the floor hard attacks the basket. She is efficient around the basket and very physical underneath the rim. Hits the glass hard on a consistent basis an has a big upside to her game.

Kiannah Ingram #4 2026 Ohio Future Whitt Black E40

5’6” / PG | Kiannah is a very quick guard who puts the pressure on her opposer. She can see the floor well, makes the correct pass and never forces the issue. She has good lateral quickness. She will be fun to watch.

Gemma Wichmann #24 I 2026 SMAC Ballers E40

5’11” / F | Gemma has a high motor, loves the physicality of the game, applies pressure on her player, attacks the glass, and is a pass first player, who can score when need be. Her skill set will get better as she continues to develop.

Erica King #5 I 2024 SMAC Attack E40

5’7″ G | Erica is an aggressive-minded player, attacks the basket with her quickness and strength, knocks down shots when she is open, plays aggressive on-ball defense, has good hands which leads to deflections. High motor, talented kid.

RKaylynn Janes #34 I 2025 Phee Elite Olufson E40

6’0 PF I Kaylynn is very physical inside, grabbing multiple rebounds and put backs, moves well on the defensive side, knows her rotations, is able to locate the offensive player, and has solid skill work in the paint.

Karsyn Bauman #22 I WI Blaze Inferno E40

5’10 F | Karsyn has a quick first step. She is aggressive attacking the basket and getting to the free-throw line. Karsyn is a good rebounder-does a good job at boxing her man out and has nice touch around the rim.

Leah Nordin #3 I WI Blaze Inferno 2024 E40

6’1” / F | Leah has a nice handle who can dribble through traffic. Good rebounder and is a one man fast break once she grabs the board. Leah is a good 3-point shooter. She is only a 2026 playing up. She has great potential.

Gwen Jenkins #3 5’4 G – 2024 Sports City Angels E40

5’4” / G | Gwen has good ball-handling skills and is super quick with the ball in her hands. Good shooter who can shoot from anywhere on the court. Gwen is a playmaker for her team and makes big plays with her passing ability and scoring.

Heaven Harris #25 I 2026 Bolingbrook NE2K

5’7″ G| Heaven is a big guard who can rebound! She is a versatile player because of her ability to guard post players and guards. Heaven loves to play in transition; with her combination of speed and size, she gets to the basket at will.

Amya Simmons #1 I 2026 Bolingbrook NE2K

5’2” / G | Amya is poised player. She has nice ball-handling skills, passes well-throwing full-court passes with precision. Amya does a good job creating her shot and pushing the pace for her team where they play their best at.

Giona Jenkins #12 I 2026 Bolingbrook NE2K

5’4” / G | Giona is a complete player that competes on both ends of the floor. She is a rebounding guard and a solid defender. Giona showed flashes of being a really good ball handler but she thrived the most when she was attacking the basket and playing in transition.

Dekota Hubble #4 I 2024 OPS-Jordan E40

6’1” / F | Dekota is a great rim protector. She uses her long arms to block shots. She is mobile who runs the floor well. Dekota is a good rebounder who does a good job at getting the ball out fast to her guards so her team can run the break.

Faith Frey #13 I 2024 OPS-Jordan E40

5’5” / G | Faith is a good 3pt shooter, who hit three 3s in the first half. She runs hard on fast breaks and is able to finish through contact. Faith is a good ball handler who is able to blow by defenders using her quick first step.

Ava Egolf #2 5’9 G I 2024 OPS-Jordan E40

5’9” / G | Ava is a great 3pt shooter, who hit three 3s. She does a good job at coming off of screens to get her shot off. Ava was able to create her shot and played with confidence all game. Her team fed off her energy.

Atta Garnett #21 I 2024 Indy Magic Scott E40

5’7” / G | Atta is a good passer and a great rebounder. She plays well in transition and is able to beat defenders using her speed. Atta is a physical player who uses her strength to take contact and finish at the rim.

Akilah Shelton #23 6’2 C – 2025 FBC Legacy UED E40

6’2” / C | Akilah is a shot blocker and a good rebounder. She runs the floor well and can finish around the hoop. She also has the ability to put the ball on the floor and beat her defender. Akilah was the defensive anchor for her team she lock down the paint by contesting every shot.