’26 Makiya Moore | 2026 Team Griffin 26 E40 Cobbins 

5’10” / SF | Versatile player with length and multiple ways to make an impact in a game. She has a solid build to bang and gets physical with the handles to operate like a guard. She plays her role well – attacking the basket, being aggressive, kicking to teammates when the double comes. She is coachable with a good attitude and approach to the game. Has a promising jump shot and continues to develop. Active on defense, and uses her length to disrupt the flow of opponents. 

’26 Essence Curry | 2026 Team Griffin 26 E40 Cobbins

5’6” / PG | Quiet but lethal point guard. She doesn’t do too much on the court but plays within her frame and it brings a sense of leadership to the team. She has a high basketball IQ and controls the pace of the game when the ball is in her hands. Attacks the rim and finishes at the rim or with a floater over the defense. She also plays good off of the ball on the perimeter showing that she can shoot the outside 3-pointer. Defensively, she works hard and has good instincts on and off the ball. 

’26 Grace Jackson | 2025 Gameball Fusion 2026 Elite E40

5’7” / CG | Solid off guard with point guard abilities. She has a high basketball IQ that takes care of the ball and makes good decisions. She plays hard on both ends of the floor and makes an impact. Handles are good and dribbles with a purpose – attacks the basket to get a bucket. She shoots the ball from deep with a smooth release. She runs the floor and capitalizes on easy transition opportunities. She is a willing passer and looks for her teammates. She will battle in the paint for rebounds against bigger players. 

’25 Macy Marraccini | 2025 Oklahoma Swift Mathurin E40 

5’5” / PG | High-level point guard with a special knack to her game. High-basketball IQ with a sense of confidence when the ball is in her hands. Shifty handles and uses this ability to create space to evade pressure or create space for her shot. Score in bunches in so many ways and once she gets going, you won’t be able to stop her. Smooth shot – 3 level scorer.  

’28 Izabella Cherne | 2025 Gameball Fusion 2026 Elite E40

5’9” / SG | Came off the bench and made an immediate impact on the game. Shifty handles and knows how to keep the defense on their heels. She is a willing passer and looks to make her teammates better. Ready shooter that has range and doesn’t hesitate to let it fly. 

’25 Daniella Matus | 2024 Team Sharp 17U Carolina E40

5’9” / SG | Active off guard with a high basketball IQ, she is patient with the ball looking for ways to get her teammates involved and opportunities to attack the weak point of the defense. She has tendencies of a point guard but has the range and ability of a pure shooting guard. Smooth, quick jumper – and shoots it with no hesitation and confidence. Active on the defensive end – playing with quick hands and quick feet. 

’25 Kiyoko Proctor | 2025 TTG Free Agents E40 

5’6” / PG | Floor general that controls the pace and tempo of the game, making sure teammates are in place and slowing things down when too much is going on. At the point guard position she has a lot of upside – shifty handles and a high basketball IQ. She can shoot it from deep and has a good looking jumper.

24 Nicolette Polocheck | THS 17U Spaz E40

6’0” / F | Strong presence on the court especially on the defensive end. She has a solid frame with length and a motor that translates at the next level. She works hard and fights for rebounds and can push the fast break with her head up ready to advance the ball. She is a rim protector, uses her body to bang and play physical to keep the ball out of the paint. Her long arms take away vision and get deflections and blocks. She can stretch the floor and shoot/hit the outside shot. 

’24 Mariyah Brown | 2024 THS Team Spaz 17U E40

6’0” / F | Utility player that gets the job done. Her strong points are her effort on both ends of the court and her size and athleticism. She rebounds as though her life depends on it – providing a steady source of energy and more opportunities for her team. With her size she is aggressive around the rim and has the footwork that make her a threat. She shoots the mid-range and can even stretch it out to the 3-point line. Mariyah is a player that has flown under the radar but continues to get better every time I see her.

’27 Presley Norman | 2026 Blue Heat National 2026 E40

5’9” / PG | Point guard with size and length. She is patient with the ball and is a willing passer to teammates. Battles inside for rebounds and loose ball opportunities. Stretches the floor and hits the outside shot consistently – smooth release and shoots it with confidence. 

’26 Jayah Curtis | 2026 Team Sharp 15U E40 

5’9” / SG | Jayah is an athletic guard with length. Attacks the basket quickly and showed explosive talent and agility. Finished at the rim through traffic and with contact. When attacking she is really good at stopping on a dime for the mid range jump shot. Defensively, when giving full effort, she has the advantage due to her length, lateral quickness, and overall athleticism. Coachable, shows signs that she will continue to grow and get better. 

’25 Aimee  Campbell #3 I 2025 Hoop Dreams Athletics Red NE2K

5″4 G | Very shifty guard, creating havoc for her defenders. Started the game off with a 3 and a dish. Attacked  the rim a couple times off the dribble.  Quick defender in the open court.  Broke the pressure by herself several times. 

’27 Nimah Ibidunni #11 I 2025 Hoop Dreams Athletics Red NE2K 

6’0 W | She has great length and a big upside.   Showed a nice left handed hook as a post move.  Rim protector- blocking several shots. Worth watching as she the continue development   Great rebounder. Coaches-only a 8th grader!

’25 Amaya Stewart #35 I Philly Rise National 17U NE2K

6’1 F | Strong forward that has great size.  Runs the floor, filling the lane several times on the break.  At times, handled the ball in the open floor with good court vision. Great hands-catching several tough passes in the paint area.  Very patient with low post moves, allowing her to make a solid move and finish. Great understanding of reading the double team and kicked out to the open shooter.

’25 5-4 Sydney Lough #3 I 2024 Air Time Elite Showcase NE2K

5’4 G | Sydney has great handles in open transition, usually finding open players.  She has a great change of speed, which allows her to be quicker on the move, than she already is.  Displays some range from the outside as well.  At the point spot, was in control of her team, getting them into the right situations.

24 Caitlynn Clark I 2024 Air Time Elite Showcase NE2K

5’5 G | Great ball handling guard that can score off the bounce.   Poked 3 straight steals converting them into layups for her team.  Shooter that has great range from the 3 pt area.  All out hustler on both ends of the floor. Ccoach mentioned she was the second leading scorer headed into the event 

2025 5-9 Sophia Semmler I 2024 Air Time Elite Showcase NE2K

5’9 | Sophia does a little bit of everything.  Demanding rebound; as well can drive strong to the basket taking the contact on several “And 1” plays.  Connected on several 3 pointers showing her range. 

24 Lauren Kraft I Philly Rise National 17U NE2K

5’11 | Moves well without the ball on offense, creating scoring opportunities for herself.  Excellent offensive rebounder. Nice footwork on her shot connecting on several 3 in the first half.

24 Mariah White I 2024 Team Griffin Gaulden NE2K

5’7 G | She moves great without the ball, always looking to cut through the open gap.     Nice looking shot connecting on several 3 pointers. 

’24 Heaven Smith I 2024 Team Griffin Gaulden NE2K

5’3 G | She has tough handles making it hard hard for defenders to contain.  Great change of speed dribble and quick crossover allows her to attack the rim   Lock down defender on the ball constantly applying pressure.

’24 Neeli Simmons I 2024 Team Griffin Gaulden NE2K

6’0 F | Big post with soft hands who finishes great around the rim.   Strong post that does a great job sealing off the defender, creating a good passing lane for the guards. 

24 Kimora Lopez I 2024 Cy Fair Elite 17U National Black NE2K

5’9 G F | Great hands finish around the paint. Understands spacing. Executes an effective 2 man game with a nice mid range shot.  Strong enough to defend the 5 spot but quick enough to defend the 3-4 positions.  Displayed open floor handles off a steal going coast to coast vs several players. 

25 Kayla Phillips I 2024 Cy Fair Elite 17U National Black NE2K

5’6 G | Scoring guard who can shoot the 3 or attack the rim off the bounce.  Good handles in the open court with vision finding open teammates in transition.  Constant pressure on the ball in the open floor.   Moves without the ball looking for the open spots vs the opposing defense.

’27 Jacelynn Schmidt I 2025 Truth Basketball 16U NE2K

5’9 G | A very solid all around player.  Slasher type player that can play outside but yet strong enough to defend the post area.  Lateral pressure in the full court defense was solid.   Hustled on every play creating extra possessions for her team.  She is a member of the 2027 Class, playing up in the 2025 division- she held her own and blended in.

’24 Julia Susla I Hoop Dreams Athletics E40

5’8 G | Julia is an all around player.  She does a little bit of everything.   Handles the ball on offense.   Creates open opportunities for her teammates.  Talks to her teammates on both ends of the floor.  Physical guard that uses her strength to get to the rim of offense.  Does a great job making everyone better on her team.  A native of Poland, she is a player every team needs.