Destiny Donaldson #7- 2025 East Coast United Team Richardson E40

5’11″ SG | Destiny is a very athletic wing player with high energy, attacks on both ends of the floor, plays the passing lane well, can score anytime around the rim consistently, has good footwork to go with her athleticism and agility.

Brooke Baren #11 5’5 PG 2025 NJ Panthers 16U Black E40

5’5”/ PG | Brooke is a skilled high-energy guard, who attacks the whole court, has a quick first step, can knock down any shot from deep, controls the offense, has good floor vision, and has great lateral movement to keep the offensive player in front of her.

Aniyah Bishop #7 -2024 Always 100 VTR E40

 5’10 / SG | Quick point guard with quick hands, gets the ball up the floor in a hurry and takes the contact to finish at the rim. She is a tempo setter, applies pressure offensively and defensively. She makes it hard for her opponent to score with the intensity she brings.

Kiarra Kilgore #4 – 2024 Heart of Illinois E40

 5’9” / SG | Kiarra can get the job done at all 3 levels, good shooter who attacks the basket and is a solid rebounder. There isn’t a shot she doesn’t like, she moves well off screens to get herself open, she is a leader on the floor- this is a player you want.

Victoria Delacruz #0 -2024 East Coast United Navy NE2K

5’5” / PG | Victoria is a small quick guard. She has great ball handling skills to where she can change directions quickly, is very shifty with the ball, and has solid passing skills. She plays solid with her defensive rotations and makes it difficult for the opposing team to score.

Kamryn Porter #11-2024 Lady Meanstreets Elite E40

5’8” / SG | Kamryn high an energy player that can run the point and play off the ball. She attacks the rim aggressively, plays tight defense, moves well without the ball, plays with high tenacity, bringing pressure every second on the court.

Caroline Eaglin #15 -2025 Next Level E40

5’9” / SG | Caroline runs the floor, fills the lanes in transition for easy scores, is able to get her shot off from the 3-point line, and rotates well on the defensive end. She is a very patient player with a good skill set. She has a high ceiling.

Mya Thompson #11 -2025 Indy Magic Blanding Black 16U E40

5’3” / PG | Nevaeh is a solid guard with a good IQ of the game. She reads the defenders well and makes plays based on how they play. She attacks the basket, has good rotation off the ball, is a feisty defender and doesn’t stop. She has an all-around game that you want on your team.

Danigzy Mantillia #25 -2024 East Coast United Team Richardson E40

5’5” / PG | Danigzy is a highly skilled guard with good court vision. She runs the team and has a good assist-to-turnover ratio.She makes good one-handed passes to her teammates especially coming off the pick-n-roll. She is a player coaches will want to watch.

Sophia Toscano #5 -2024 East Coast United Team Richardson E40

SG | Sophia has a talent that should gets noticed. She is a defensive ball hawk and she gets her hand on a lot of deflections and steals. She is very vocal on both ends of the floor, she crashes the glass and pushes it up the court to her teammates. She doesn’t rush her shots. She lets the game come to her. She is a very well put together player with the tools to play at the next level.

Ryen Gallacher #21- 2025 ‘A’ Game Teleshia Riley 16U Elite E40

5’7 PG I Ryen is a quick guard who moves the ball quickly, attacks the paint to draw contact, and is efficient from the free-throw line. She is a very smart player with the ball in her hands and has a lot of potential.

RAlivia Morris #21 -024 TN Flight Trotters Kyle NE2K

5’8 SG | Alivia is a good forward with great balance when she has the ball. She can use her size to post you up or score from 15 feet. She has a smooth jump shot but is even better with her help-side defense. She is very energetic when she crashes the glass giving her team multiple opportunities.

Aleena McCullough #20 -2024 Michigan Mystics NE2K

5’7” / SG | Aleena is a physical wing player who can beat you from the wing or in the paint. She is very physical. She is very efficient around the rim and does not stop battling for the ball.

Ava Locklear # 56 5’11 PF  2024 Heart of Illinois E40

5’11” / PF | Ava has a strong presence in the paint. She has a solid frame that makes you work for everything. She is very physical on the glass once she grabs the rebound.

Alli Robertson #21 – 2025 Next Level E40

C| Alli is a mobile center and a solid rebounder. She has the ability to put the ball on the floor and beat a defender to the basket. Alli is a good outlet passer once she comes down with the rebound.

Maya Lawrie #32 – 2025 Next Level E40

5’11” / F | Maya can finish using both hands and does a good job at always putting pressure on the defense, constantly attacking the basket. Maya is also a good defender putting pressure on ball handlers up the court.

Monique Mitchell #35 – 2025 Always 100 Takeover E40

5’11” / G | Chloe is a solid player that can play multiple positions. She runs the floor hard, rotates on defense, attacks the glass on both ends of the floor, has good footwork, and can score from anywhere on the floor.

Samantha Price #14 – 2025 Indy Magic Blanding Black E40

6’1” / F |Samantha has good footwork in the post, and is a good passer out of the post. She has active hands-on defense and comes up with a lot of steals and deflections. She has a big upside and will get put to use.

Mattea Maggio #3 -2025 Indy Magic Blanding Black E40

5’4” / G | Mattea is a knockdown shooter, has a good pull-up jumper, and can beat defenders with her first step. Mattea is also a good passer and even does a better job at finding her open teammates for a score.

Aaliayh Hayes #20 – 2024 Level E40

5’10” / F | Aaliayh is a good shooter. She drives to the basket strong and isn’t afraid of contact. Aaliayh is a very consistent 3-level scorer, there is no shot that she is afraid of taking, and has the skill set to be successful at the next level.

Brittany Campbell #5- 2024 Next Level E40

5’1” / G | Mackenzie is good at finishing at the basket and has a nice jumper. Mackenzie is a scrappy defender who can rebound. She was a leader on both sides of the court today and her team followed her.

Alexandria Wright #1- 2025 Carolina All-Stars NE2K

5’7” / 7 | Alexandria is an athletic guard who takes the ball strong to the hoop. She is an active defender who gets steals and blocks. Alexandria is a really good shooter and has some great ball-handling skills.

Lola Richardson #23 – 2025 Carolina All-Stars NE2K

6’2” / F | Lola has a good size for her position. She is a good rebounder and runs the floor well. Lola has some good post moves which she used to score most of her points and with her being in the Class of 2026. She impressed me with how she played -she looked like she belonged.

Krystal Haddock #7 – 2024 Carolina All-Stars NE2K

5’10” / G | Krystal is an all-around player, she rebounds, and scores well. She runs hard on the break which gets her easy layups. Krystal has a lot of hustle in her she is always the first to lose balls and fights for rebounds.

Lilian Booker #23- 2024 Carolina All-Stars NE2K

5’7” / G | Lilian is a good point guard and is very unselfish. She always makes the extra pass to her teammates and runs the break well always making the right decisions with the ball.

Ava Krumwiede #22 6’1 F – 2025 Team B Wright Black E40

6’1” / F | Ava has nice size for her position. She can shoot the ball well and she is a tough player who doesn’t mind diving for loose balls or fighting for rebounds. Ava can score at all 3 levels and has a nice offensive package

Payton Bugg #2 5’9 G – 2024 Kentucky Premier E40

5’9” / G | Payton is a big strong guard. She is a good defender and has good defensive rotations. Payton has a tight handle, and she uses that to get anywhere on the floor she wants and she also a good shot creator.

Kendall Sterling #25 – 2024 KY Fusion NE2K

5’11” / G | Kendall is a 3-level scorer and does a good job at getting out and running on fast breaks. She is a great 3 pointer you cannot leave her open. Kendall is always looking for her shot and she can score in bunches at any time.

Anna Hamiltion #1 -2024 KY Fusion NE2K

5’7” / G | Anna is a strong guard, takes contact, and finishes. She is a true point guard who makes the extra pass and she does a good job keeping her team engaged on offense. Anna does a good job at not turning over the ball a lot and taking smart shots on offense.

Brooke Glasgow #4 -2024 Georgia Dominance Lioness NE2K

5’0” / G | Brooke is a good rebounding guard. She is crafty with the ball and can squeeze into small holes in the defense. Brooke is very aggressive attacks the basket early and often and went to the free-throw line a lot because of it.