2024 Abany Deng | 2024 Genesis Basketball 17U E40

6’2” / F | Long, athletic forward with raw talent and ability. She uses her length to get deflections and blocks and crash the board for rebounds and occasionally push the ball in transition. She has pretty good moves around the rim and is really good at capitalizing on second chance opportunities. 

2024 Elise Jaeger | 2024 Pure Prep 17U Lewis E40

 6’1” / F | Long forward with size. Has a high motor and plays with a lot of effort and pace. She is very active on the defensive end as well as within the offense; setting on/off ball screens, diving on floor loose ball opportunities, and fighting for position on the block. She can hit the outside shot when it presents itself and handle the ball if needed. Utility player that plays with heart and competitiveness. Showed that she can shoot and hit the outside shot in big games – no hesitation, full of confidence.

2023 Caitlin Gingras | 2024 Genesis Basketball 17U E40 

5’9” / G | is a skilled guard with leadership presence on the court. She is able to bring the ball up the floor and play off the ball. She has a high basketball IQ and competes on the defensive end. She attacks the gaps when open and can stretch the floor and shoot the outside jumper. She has range and can catch fire. 

2024 Kendall McDaniel | 2024 Pure Prep 17U Lewis E40 

6’1” / C | Strong presence inside close to the basket. She fights for position down low and knows how to hold her position. Solid finisher around the rim and has the ability to stretch the floor and shoot the outside shot. She will crash the board and run rim to rim in transition. 

2025 Mckenzie Mathurin | 2024 Oklahoma Swift 17U Mathurin E40

5’10” / PG | McKenzie has a motor that allows her to compete and succeed even in big games. Shifty player that wills her way downhill when lanes open up. If the game is on the line, you want the ball in her hands – she will make the big time shot or find the open teammate. High-IQ player and the ultimate competitor. 

2025 Yamilex Rodriguez | 2024 K-Low Elite Edwards 17U E40 

5’3” / PG | Floor general that manages the flow of the game and controls the pace. High basketball IQ that looks for her teammates and knows how to put them in position for success – sees the floor well. She has a clean shot with range and she shoots it with confidence. She attacks the open gaps and has different ways to finish such as a lay up through contact or a floater over the defense. Defensively she works hard and will apply pressure on the ball, has good lateral quickness and is a competitor. 

2024 Jazlynn Wesley | 2024 K-Low Elite Edwards 17U E40

6’1” / F | Athletic Forward with a motor and length. She moves really well on defense, moving her feet quickly to stay in front of the ball and her long arms to take away the vision of her opponent. She fights for inside position and has some moves to go along with it. She has a good looking midrange jumper but isn’t limited to shoot it from outside. She plays with passion and gives a lot of effort. 

2024 Ania Morgan | 2024 Oklahoma Swarm Sam 17U Elite E40

5’8” / CG | Ania is a hard nose type of player. She thrives on applying defensive pressure on the ball and getting deflections and steals. She has long arms and quick hands and fights hard when boxing out, rebounding and hustling for loose ball opportunities. She attacks the lane aggressively and finds her way to finish at the rim and convert in different ways. 

2025 Kailee Peeler I OK Swift 17U Peeler NE2K

5’6″ | Kailee is an aggressive point guard that does all the right things.   Along with the leadership she is aggressive and makes good decisions.  Threat to score from anywhere on the floor.  Also a solid defender.

2024 Kayten Donley OK Swift 17U Peeler NE2K

6’1″ | At 6’1, Kayten can play the 3-4 spot and is strong enough to play 5 on the defensive end.   She displays aggressive moves and strong finishes at the rim. With contact Kayten makes a tough match-up. Showed a nice mid range jump shot as well.

2025 Halyn Browning | Team Griffin 25U Cobbins NE2K

5’5″ | Halyn is a true point guard that is a difference maker.   Great vision on transitions and finding the rim. A runner of several times for easy layups.  She can score at the point spot either with the 3 or finding a way to get to the rim.  Halyn is a lock down defender guarding the teams other best scorers.  She finished the game as a one man press breaker.

2025 J. Schmidt | Truth Basketball 16U NE2K 

5″5 | Great hustler on both ends of the court. Played both forward and guard on defense. Strong defender in the open court. Non-stop in the pursuit of a rebound.  Aggressive driver that took contact and can finish at the basket . Hustles great, moves feet well when pressuring the ball full court.  

2024 Liz Cunningham | West Texas Shockers 2024 NE2K

5’7 | A strong ball handler that looks to attack downhill off the dribble drive motion.  Showed nice outside and mid-range shots on the game.   Great  vision when attacking the rim reading next level.   Good on ball defender.

2024 Payton Connor | West Texas Shockers 2024 NE2K 

6’0 |Strong physical post that can hold her ground on defense.  Showed great understanding of help defense, also being there several times to protect the rim. Showed range from the outside several times also. Great hands and knows how to finish inside the paint.

2025 Mya Butter | Excel 16U NE2K

5’8 | Great size for a guard that can shoot the ball.  Strong and physical made her a tough matchup for the opposing team.  Strong aggressive rebounder.  Moved great without the ball creating several scoring opportunities for herself.

2025 Audrey Plunkett | Team Griffin 15U Elite NE2K

5’10 | Played taller than listed 5’10.  Great rebounder and finisher at the rim.  Runs the floor great always getting ahead. Showed some open floor ball handles crossing over several times in transition.  Nice player one to keep an eye on. 

Taimiah Allen | Iss Juss Uss 17U NE2K

5’9 | Size and strong guard that can score in the low post or from the outside. Aggressive drives off the dribble taking contact and creating several and one for her team.  Stretched the defense by connecting on several 3’s.  Very physical player allows her to play post defense for her team but she is still quick enough to guard a 3.

Jurnei Wallace | Iss Juss Uss 17U NE2K

5’7 | A strong guard that attacks down hill showed great handles in the open floor vs. pressure.   Good vision reading the defense and finding the open player in transition. Got to the rim many times on offense. 

2026 Amiah Dixon | Iss Juss Uss NE2K

5’5 | Amiah showed great ball handling skills in the open floor getting to the basket several times in transition. Quick shooter that doesn’t need much time to get her shot off. Showed nice footwork and quick release coming off screens.  Nice change of direction with ball keeps the defense off balance.  Can attach the rim or shoot off the bounce.  Quick handles and change of direction on the first step.  

2026 Achristian Collins | BounceNation FBC Showtime 17U NE2K

5’5 | Handed guard that can spot on the catch.  Give a bad close out and she can also hurt you with a quick move and layups. Moves without the ball connecting from deep coning off screens. Finished the game with free throws.