Brianna Barr-Buddy- #23 2024 XGEN Elite Premier E40

6’2 F| Briana is a strong post player who can finish around the rim and plays strong on the defensive end. She is strong with the ball, can score and finish, and has good hands and footwork.

Sydney Fenn #24 2024 XGEN Elite Premier E40

6’3”/ F| Sydney plays aggressively below the basket, has good footwork with her size and can stretch the floor. Great at attacking the rim, finishing and collecting offensive rebounds.

Brooklynn Vickers-#15-2024 SMAC Attack E40

 5’3 / PG | Quick point guard with quick hands, gets the ball up the floor in a hurry and takes the contact to finish at the rim. She is a tempo setter, applies pressure offensively and defensively. She makes it hard for her opponent to score with the intensity she brings.

Danielle Cameron #12- 2024 SMAC Attack E40

 5’9” / SG | Danielle he left-handed shootingguard who can get her shot off quickly. She is one of the best pure shooters in the 24 class. She runs the floor great and moves well without the ball. All around complete player.

Jocy May- #44 2024 TN Flight E40 Newman E40

6’0” / F | She runs the floor well, is very long and athletic, can score from inside and outside the paint. She is good with the read and react, moves well, can do a lot on both ends of the floor. Player to watch all spring.

Emily McDonald-#18 XGEN Elite Premier E40

5’9” / PG | Emily can see the floor well, good dribbler, plays with a lot of poise, and is under control. She has a nice range on her jump shot and can finish around the basket. She can maneuver throughout the defenders with her ball handling. Player to watch!

Olivia Klanac-#15 2025 SMAC Future E40

5’9” / SG | Olivia is a versatile player that can play anywhere from the 1-3 spots. She has good court vision, makes good passes and gets her team involved. She loves to get downhill and attack the rim. A very skilled player that has a lot of attributes to be great .

Nevaeh Caffey-#2 2024 Phee Elite Olufson E40

5’10” / G | Nevaeh is a solid guard with a good IQ of the game. She reads the defenders well and makes plays based on how they play. She attacks the basket, has good rotation off the ball, is a feisty defender, and doesn’t stop. She has an all-around game that you want on your team.

Allie Turner -#11 Phee Elite Olufson E40

5’8” / PG | Allie has quick hands and deflects a lot of balls. She is very quick with and without the ball, moves her feet well on defense and is very disciplined. She keeps the defender in front of her, has great vision, sees the floor well and makes the correct pass. Very solid overall player!

Caitlyn Frost- 2024 SLAM Elite 17U E40

6’1” /FG | Caitlyn is a very athletic player, who gets after everything. She rebounds, grabs loose balls, she can dribble in the open court, finish around the rim, and has a great mid-range game. A highly skilled player who can do it all and who’s potential will continue to rise.

Jonilyah Chambers #1 -2024 Sports City Angels E40

5’6 PG I Jonilyah attacks the paint with force and applies the pressure. She can split defenders and score, she has a nice pull-up jump shot and doesn’t force anything. She plays hard every second of the game and is a good team player who gets her teammates involved every trip down the floor.

Avery Lay- #22 2025 Michigan Drive Premier E40 Willis

F | Avery is a long athletic wing player who can bring the ball up the court like a guard and can post you up to score. She is very vocal on the defensive side and crashes the glass. She is the best of both worlds!

Rayah Hitt- #23 Michigan Drive Premier E40 Willis 2025

5’8” / SG | Rayah has a very high IQ of the game; she sees the floor great, reads defenses, and makes passes you wouldn’t think can get through. She fills the lane on fast breaks, a solid defender who plays the gap she has the skill set you would want in a player

Jasaiyah Wallace -2025 Lady Bradley Beal Elite E40

6’1” / F | Jasaiyah has a motor and she turns it on from the jump. She is very active on the defensive side and plays very aggressive without causing fouls. She is a rebounding machine.

Sophie Ziel- #26 2025 Ohio Future Samlow E40

5’6” / PG | Sophie is a shifty guard with a quick first step. She is able to make one move and blow right past the defender. She is a good ball handler, a good passer, and never forces the issue. She is a guard you want on your team.

Rebecca Milon- #4 2025 Become One Select 16U E40

5’11” / F | Rebecca is super athletic who can jump out of the gym. She hustles on both ends, grabs multiple rebounds and leads the break.

Chloe Collin- #11 025 Become One Select 16U E40

6’0” / F | Chloe is a solid player that can play multiple positions. She runs the floor hard, rotates on defense, attacks the glass on both ends of the floor, has good footwork, and can score from anywhere on the floor.

Allannah Orsby -#3 2024 Arkansas Lady Bandits NE2K

5’11” / F | Allannah has great size and length. She can handle the ball great for her size. She does a good job of batting for rebounds. Allannah can create her shot and has the passing ability to set her teammates up.

Charnelle Hoof -#17 2024 Arkansas Lady Bandits NE2K

5’11” / F | Charnelle is a really good rebounder and a great shot blocker. She had 3 blocks in the first half. Charnelle was all over the court today and played with a ton of heart.

Shakira Brown -#14 2024 Arkansas Lady Bandits NE2K

5’9” / G | Shakira has a great handle and does a good job of running the pick and roll. She is a big guard, who she uses her size to her advantage. She can take anyone off the dribble, she is a hard match up for any guard.

Mackenzie Brass- #4 2024 Bollingbrook NE2K

5’8” / G | Mackenzie is good at finishing at the basket and has a nice jumper. Mackenzie is a scrappy defender who can rebound. She was a leader on both sides of the court today and her team followed her.

Emilia Sularski #35 5’11 F – 2024 Bollingbrook

5’11” / F | Emilia does a great job of beating defenders with her first step. She can finish well around the basket. Emilia has a smooth jumper and was able to create her shot.

Heidi Smith- #11 2024 A Game Tdot E40

5’11” / G | Heidi is a tall lanky guard that loves to get to the rim. She has great ball-handling skills and good passing ability. She does a good job at pushing the break. Is a good defender who picks up ball-handers 94 feet.

Courtney Smith #14 – 2024 A Game Tdot Elite 40

5’11” / G | Courtney is a good rebounder and does a good job of using the pivot to create shots in the post. Courtney puts a lot of pressure on the defense by getting to the foul line.

Payton Richard #5 6’0 F – 2024 Bay State Jaguars National Black E40

5’11” / G | Payton is a good defender shooter. Payton does a good job of running off of screens to get open shots and she is able to beat defenders off the dribble.

Malia Wilcox- #24 2025 TN Flight Johnson E40

5’2” / G | Malia is a fast guard. She does a good job of getting downhill and has good ball-handling skills. Malia is a smaller guard but that doesn’t stop her from driving and finishing over bigger players.

Dajah Raymond- 2024 TN Flight Johnson E40

5’4” / G | Dajah is a good rebounder, shooter and defender. She does a good job of running the floor on fast breaks and getting easy layups.

Ava Jones #4- Team Huncho Future E40

5’4” / G | Ava is a really good passer. She does a good job at leading the fast break, pushing the ball up the floor quickly, and helping her team score. Ava was one of the fastest players I have seen all day.

Malaya Woullard #1- Team B Wright Red NE2K

5’1” / G | Malaya is a small quick guard, who passes very well. Malaya has a nice jumper, a quick first step, which helps her create her shot from anywhere.

Morgan Williams #5 – Team B Wright Red NE2K

5’4” / G | Morgan is a good passer, works hard on defense, has quick feet which led to steals. Morgan does a good job of driving and kicking which opens up lanes for offensive production for her teammates.

Erin Pulice -#23 2024 WI Blaze Black NE2K

5’10” / F | Erin uses her size well in the paint who finishes well around the rim. Erin is a good rebounder, especially on the offensive glass, she creates many second-chance points for her team.

Riley Milausnic #2 5’7 G – 2024 Always 100 VTR

5’7” / G | Riley can create her own shot who also passes well. . Riley ran her team’s offense well, controlled the pace for the entire game, and put herself and her teammates in positions to win.

Taylor Scohy -#12 2024 Ohio Lady Attack E40

5’9” / F | Taylor is a good 3pt shooter, she hit three 3s in the second half. She has a handles the ball great for a forward and she defends well on the permitter and in the post. She can play anywhere.

Sajda Tyehimba- #0 2025 Lady Meanstreets Elite (M. Ivory) NE2K

5’4” / G | Sajda is a good shooter, hitting two 3s in the first half, constantly creating spacing on the floor. . Sajda can push the ball on the break and makes the right decisions with the ball in her hands.

Gianna Amadio #13 – 2024 Lady Meanstreets Elite (Collier) NE2K

5’7” / G | Gianna does a good job of getting to the free-throw line. She has nice ball-handling skills, rebounds well, and is a good on-ball defender.

Sophia Wozniak- # 10 24 MI Drive Premier Copeland NE2K

5’6” / G | Sophia has a good handle and can finish around the basket. She is a good passer and a good defender. Sophia has a high IQ player she made all the right decisions with the ball in her hands.

Players to Watch:

Factory Basketball 2025 Orange NE2K #24: 2025 Emma Lincoln

Savvy with the ball, uses pass fakes, head fakes and her pivot well. Looks to create off the dribble off the pass and not just scoring. Uses change of pace well and has great touch on her interior passes.

2024 Indiana Flight South Gant NE2K: 2024 #3 Jazmyn Robey

Flat out intense and fierce defender, who plays with disregard for her own safety. First one on the floor for a loose ball and the first one after a 50/50 ball. Also has quick moves to the basket and strength to finish.

2024 Indiana Flight South Gant NE2K: 2024 #20 Kiera Gant

Plays with passion and high energy, what she lacks in size she makes up for with intensity. Plays with a lot of speed and is effective in transition. Looks to make plays for teammates as well as herself. Nice jumper and ability to score midrange, but also fearless to the basket. Gets to the line a lot.

2024 Indiana Flight South Gant NE2K: 2026 #23 Sophia Skidmore

Nice size and maturity for her age,  while playing up. Has nice touch midrange and on the move with the ball. Has confidence on the perimeter handling and shooting.

2026 Michigan Mystics NE2K;2027 #20 McKenley Reid

Has a really nice burst of speed that she combines with solid change of speed and pace. Uses a good hesitation off the dribble but also has other moves that make her tough to guard. Plays with lots of energy and has that swag that lefties often have.

2024 A’ Game Canada NE2K: 2024 #4 Anaiyah Fletcher

Love her length and athleticism. She also uses both hands and length to finish well at the rim. Really nice off the dribble but also showed some nice touch on midrange jumpers. Defensive asset as her length and energy creates tips and turnovers.

2024 East Coast United Navy NE2K: 2024 #1 McKenna Murphy

Solid PG that’s shifty and strong with either hand. Handles pressure well and looks to make a move and go and not over dribble. High energy kid on both ends of the floor, not just with the ball I’m her hands.

2024 East Coast United Navy NE2K: 2025 #40 Zmharie Barber

Great build and strength, along with better than expected straight line speed. She showed legit post moves and the ability to bury defenders. Gets to the foul line and has nice touch there. Good shot changer on defense that challenges lots of shots.