E40/NE2K Day 3 Report – The Heart of Texas

25’ Ava Casper | Team Griffin 16U Cobbins NE2K

5’6” / PG | – Lefty guard that operates well on the perimeter. Shifty handles and can explode off the dribble. Her midrange game is promising – stopping in a dime to catch the defense off balance creates space for her shot. She has range from deep and will catch on fire. Skilled player

25’ Macy Marraccini | OK Swift 16U Mathurin E40

5’5” / PG | – Makes an impact on the game when aggressive, usually she is facilitating and getting teammates involved, she is able to take over a game and provide crucial buckets for her team  – outside shooter, aggressive to the basket – will crash the boards and capitalize on second chance opportunities. Attacks in transition and finishes under pressure. 

24’ Kiaya Davis | AAR 17U Williams E40 | #7

5’8” / SG | Off-guard with size, can put it on the floor when needed, stretches the floor with her shooting ability – smooth release – perfect arch – great catch and shoot player, can get to the basket and hit the mid range jumper.

24’ Nicolette Polocheck | THS 17U Spaz E40

 6’0” / F | Solid Post player with size and strength, an aggressive player that likes to play physical. She attacks the basket under control and finishes through contact at the basket. Plays with her hands up on defense around the rim. 

26’ Kate Wernli | Team Griffin Elite 16U E40

5’10” / SG | – Shooting guard with size and strength, she can put it on the floor when needed to get a bucket, stretches the floor and is a ready shooter – if feet are set she is letting it fly and she is a shot maker. Active on defense and will bang for boards. If lanes are open she will attack the rim and get to the basket and finish through contact.

24’ Jill Twiehaus | OK Swift 17U Mathurin E40

5’10” / SG | – Jill has been playing great all weekend, providing consistent production in so many areas. Her shooting is very reliable and a prime component to her game. She is athletic and gets vertical on shots and rebounds and for blocks. High basketball IQ that makes good decisions under pressure. 

25’ Lilly Thomas | Team Griffin Elite 16U E40

6’1” / C | – Post with size and strength, she works in the paint for position and she is able to use her body to bang in the post – has good footwork and finishes pretty good. She is a willing passer that will find open teammates. Plays the high post effectively. 

25’ Jordyn Anderson | OK Swift 17U Mathurin E40

5’7” / PG | – Slashing type point guard that plays with a lot of energy on defense – laterally quick with active hands. Facilitates the ball to teammates and gets downhill to the basket. Good catch and shoot player that doesn’t shoot many from outside but she is efficient. 

24’ Kate Melton | OK Swift 17U Peeler NE2K

5’7” / PG | – High basketball IQ type of player – handles pressure, makes the right basketball play, competes on both ends of the floor. She sees the floor and is a willing passer to teammates. Active defender that remains disciplined and under control. Shoots at a high-level and has proven to hit big-times shots in clutch moments. 

24’ Pauline Black-Harmon | OK Swift 17U Peeler NE2K

5’10” / PF | – Solid post player with size and strength, has quick feet and moves really well at her position, a reliable rim protector – long arms – aggressive attitude – hard worker, Fights for position inside and uses her size to bump and bang, Can score with both hands and hustles for second chance opportunities.