E40/NE2K Day 3 Report – The Clash

Natalie Allen #21-2024 East Coast United Team Richardson E40

Natalie is a hustle player that gets her hand on a lot of balls. She is always moving, plays great help side defense, talks well, has good vision in the open floor, and can score if needed.

Sophia Toscanini #5-2024 East Coast United Team Richardson E40
Sophia is a good wing defender, moves well through screens, very active hands. Offensively she fills the lane in the open court, has a nice shot from deep, and is very vocal and solid player to keep track of. She finished with 10 points.

Gabrielle Bush #1-2024 East Coast United Richardson E40
Gabrielle is a very high-motor player who runs the floor hard on both ends of the floor. She crashes the glass for multiple rebounds and put-backs. She can read the defense and anticipate the pass for steals. Solid all-around player with 17 points to lead her team.

Kennedy McClain #22- 2024 East Coast United Richardson E40

Kennedy is a solid player who can score from the three and connect on the mid-range shot. Aggressive on the glass to give her team extra possessions. She works hard on both ends of the floor as she netted 16 points for her squad.

Logan Young #24- 2024 Gameball Fusion 17U Black E40

Logan is a high-energy player who hustles all game long and crashes the boards. She has a lot of pop to her game where she can score below the basket with put backs. She finished the game with 11 points and 10+ rebounds.

Grace Rowell #8- Alabama Southern Starz Veal 2024 E40

Grace is a physical guard that can score. She gets to the basket for layups and can step out and shoot the three ball, connecting on 5 for 15 points. Very aggressive on the defensive side and makes it hard for who she is guarding. 

Airah Lavy #20- Ohio Future 2024 Shumate E40

Airah is a deadly shooter with a nice-looking form. She runs the floor well and gets off screens to get her shot off. Defensively she gets after it, rotates well, covers a lot of ground.

Samiyah Stout #3- Always 100 Gamble 2024

Samiyah is a quick guard that covers a lot of ground in a hurry. She can shoot the ball who is always in attack mode. Getting downhill is her strength-very shifty with the ball in her hands. She is a solid guard with a bright future.

Erica King #5- 2024 SMAC Attack E40

Erica is a solid scoring guard who can get her shot from anywhere. Very aggressive going to the basket and drawing contact. Plays hard on defense with her nonstop pressure. Finished the day with 14 points.

Izzy Callaway #1- 2024 SMAC Attack E40

Izzy is a solid two-way player. She is able to push the ball up the floor and get it in the hands of another shooter. Breaks down any defender to get her shot off and has a nice shot from the corner.  She can put pressure on the defense just with her dribbling ability to break down her opponent. Izzy finished the day with 10 points

Ka’Miah Pryor #30- 2024 SMAC Attack E40

Ka’Miah doesn’t need to score to have an impact on the game. She solidifies her game with defense and the pressure she can put on the opposing team is relentless. She does all of the things not on any stat sheet for her squad. She is a player to keep your eye on!

Lauren Hillesheim #22- 2025 Legacy Hoops Elite E40

Lauren has a good skill set- she boxes out and fights down low. She plays pressure defense straight up with arms up. Offensively, she can also pull you to the outside shooting 3’s or taking you to the basket, making layups. Much potential in her as her season will progress. Finished with 29 points.

Katie Maryo #11- 2024 SMAC Believe NE2K

Katie has been a sharpshooter and hasn’t let up. She has the range. She tallied a game/weekend high of 9 three-pointers en route to 29 points in their final win. She plays good defense, pressures the trap, and she understands what it takes to get the win. SHARP SHOOTER!

Brooke Lime #24- – 2024 SMAC Believe NE2K

Brooke plays pressure defense. She understands that you must keep players in front of you in order to stop them and that’s what she does. Very smart player who doesn’t get rattled. She has a very high IQ, worth and is a steady player for her squad.

Aubree Allen #24- 2026 Michigan Drive Premier Brown E40

Aubree has so much potential to where she plays multiple positions. She is a post player that can score around the basket, then she can shoot it from the outside if you leave her open AND will knock it down. As her years go on she will just get better and better.

Makayla Scholorf #23- 2026 Michigan Drive Premier Brown E40

Makayla is a small guard but extremely quick. She is very creative when she has the ball in her hands. She has a high IQ, she is always in the right spot making plays, or on defense making bigger plays. She is a momentum changer when needed.  

Jordan Day #44 – 2024 Sports City Angels E40

 Jordan is a good communicator on defense, calling out screens to her guards and calling out switches. She is a great defender always in positions to challenge a shot. Jordan ended the game with 4 points but her impact on the defensive side of the court was great. She challenged almost every attempt at the rim and did it without fouling.

Gwen Jenkins # 3- 2024 Sports City Angels E40

 Gwen is a knockdown shooter! Transition 3s, pull-up 3s-you name it- she is comfortable with it all. She has an excellent hezi to go along with her deadly jumper. Gwen had a game-high 21 points, connecting on six  3s made and shot 100 percent from beyond the arc!!

Anna Hamilton #1 – 2024 KY Fusion NE2K

Anna is a scrappy guard, who dives for loose balls and plays hard defense. She gives 100% all the time but she is always in control. She is good at driving to the paint and making the defense collapse on her which led to open shots for her teammates. Anna ended the game with 10 points.

Kendall Sterling #25 – 2024 KY Fusion NE2K

Kendall does a good job at taking the ball to the basket strong. Defensively, she jumps passing lanes which turn into steals. She is a great playmaker, who gets the ball fast and on time to her teammates for assists. Kendall finished the game with 7 points and 2 assists.

Sophie Ziel #25 – 2025 Ohio Future Samlow E40

Sophie has a nice jumper and is a good on-ball defender, and rips ball handlers often. She is
fast coming downhill and makes defenders back up when she is coming at them. Sophie had a game-high of 23 points and made four 3-pointers.

Mikayla Dunston #5 – 2025 Bouncenation FBC Jay 16U E40

Zoie has a nice jump shot and is a good ball handler. She was able to beat the press. Good passer who can pass with either hand. She is very quick with the ball in her hands and was able to get in the paint a lot and put pressure on the defense. Zoie had a team-high 10 points.

Emma Lincoln #22 – 2025 Factory Basketball Orange NE2K

Emma can create her shot. She is very good in the pick-and-roll action and has a good understanding when to pass or when to attack. Emma had a game-high 21 points.

2024 Jaquoia Jones #3
2024 Zone6Athletics Black E40

Very fast and intense- transition nightmare for opponents. Has a strong build and uses it to her advantage on both ends of the floor.

Nya Young #2 – 2024 Zone6Athletics Black E40

Nya has a nice jump shot and a good first step. She was able to get to the paint any time she wanted and controlled the pace for her team. Nya finished the game with 8 points.

Liz Freihofer #4 -2024 Kentucky Premier 17U E40 Goodin-Rogers

Really good size with a nice combination of strength and speed. Has the versatility on defense to guard bigs or on the perimeter. Also uses that athleticism to run the floor very well.

Anna Drakeford #33- 2024 Kentucky Premier 17U E40 Goodin-Rogers

Strong with the ball, yet patient and poised. A obvious leader on the floor, a facilitator and the engine that gets things moving. Defends very well.