E40 Day 1 Report – The Heart of Texas

2026 Mea Ginn | OK Swarm Harper 15U E40

 5’8” / SG | – Strong Off-guard with good size that plays under control and doesn’t play outside of her game. She shoots the outside shot good and is comfortable putting the ball on the ground to attack the basket. She uses her size to finish through contact and rebound against bigger players. She has good effort and capitalizes in loose ball and second chance opportunities. 

2026 Kenlea Jefferson | OK Swarm Harper 15U E40

5’2” / PG | – Volume shooter that was able to catch on fire to help her team, she handles the ball well and can push the ball in transition. She is a willing passer but is capable of playing aggressively and getting to the basket. Ready shooter that has the green light!!

2024 Kori Rainwater | OK Swift Mathurin 2024 E40

6’0” / F | – Solid post player that plays strong inside the paint. Has the ability to flash in the high post and shoot the mid-range – smooth jumper, a reliable rebounder that can push it in transition, active on the defensive end getting blocks and deflections. 

2025 McKenzie Mathurin | OK Swift Mathurin 2024 E40

5’10” / PG | – Aggressive lead guard that plays big, she sees the floor and finds the open teammate effectively but loves to attack the basket and finish at the rim. She shoots the outside shot also effectively and pressures the ball well on defense. Plays with a lot of passion and gives loads of effort when she is on the floor. 

2024 Sierra Martin | OK Swarm Sam 17U E40

6’1” G/F | – Versatile forward with size and skills. She handles the ball and sets the pace for the team. She is a match up problem for players her size because of her ability to creative off the dribble. She has range and a smooth jumper, and rebounds and protects the rim.

2024 Shunteria Anumele | THS 17U E40

5’10” / CG | Shifty combo guard with the ability to attack defender laterally then down hill to the basket. Quick instincts with the ball and changes direction without having to slow down. Good okay-making ability – finds the open teammate. Plays with a lot of energy and facilitates like a floor general. 

2024 Shreya Jategaonkar | THS 17U E40

5’6” / SG | – Quick and alert guard with defensive instincts on-ball and off-ball, high basketball IQ that takes care of the ball doesn’t turn it over. Ready shooter with feet set and quick release. Her shooting form looked fluid and her stroke was textbook. 

2025 Rihanna Deleon | THS 17U E40

5’7” / SG | Shooters gotta shoot and Rihanna did that in the first game against All Arkansas Red, hitting 5 3-pointers and helped her team score nearly 100 points. Rihanna has a smooth stroke and quick release. Can stretch the floor and has range. Plays with confidence and produces energy for her team from beyond the 3-point line.

2024 Madison Hurta | Austin Elite RFW E40 

5’8” / CG | – High energy guard that gets downhill and attacks the basket, she is athletic and finishes strong in open space. She has range and shoots it from deep at a high level – hands ready, feet set, and quick release. Solid mid-range jumper, and is active on the defensive end. Crashes the boards and will bang a little in the paint. 

2024 Kendall Beck | Austin Elite RFW E40 

6’2” / F | – Long, active forward with a high motor. She uses her length to crash the boards and get rebounds. She can put the ball on the floor and create off the dribble against bigger players and create space for her shot. Disciplined to contest shots without fouling – controlled. 

2024 Calyssa Sevier | Lone Star Magic E40

5’7” / Wing | – Athletic competitive guard that brings effort and energy when playing. Defensively she has quick instincts, applies pressure on the ball and rotates off the ball and hustles for loose balls. She will crash the board and rebound against bigger players. She can shoot it from deep and hit the mid-range jumper.

2024 Bree Hubbard | Lone Star Magic E40

5’11” / SF | – Athletic forward with a solid frame, strength and length. Defensively she gets low and can guard multiple positions. She attacks the gaps and gets to the rim and does a good job drawing fouls and eventually getting to the free-throw line. A solid utility player that gives good effort on both ends of the floor. 

2024 Skyler Smith | Lone Star Magic E40

5’7” / SG | – Plays strong for her position. She is cool, calm and collected under pressure and can make good decisions despite the pressure. She shoots the ball smooth deep and is locked and loaded when off ball – hands ready and feet set. She battles and competes on the defensive end and has a high basketball IQ.

2024 Aimee Flippen | Lone Star Magic E40

6’4” / C | – Long with size and strength. She fights for position down low and will use her body to bury her defender and score over the top, or hold the seal for a lob pass. She rebounds with good position and scores effectively on second chance opportunities. She gets low and has good lateral quickness for her size. She gives a lot of effort and communicates on defense.

2024 Inia Jones | Nebraska Hoops Elite E40

5’7” / CG | – Dynamic guard with size and savvy ball handling skills. She uses her body to attack the basket and absorb contact when finishing. Strong player that matches up against bigger players in strength. Defensively she is active in the ball and rotates on the back side to help protect the rim. She steps into shots under control and full of confidence. She is a leader that competes to win.