E40/NE2K Day 1 Report – The Clash

Maya Anderson #0 – UTS Lady Elite E40 

Can score from anywhere on the court, smooth midrange jump shot, and is aggressive on the offensive glass. May be undersized in her position, but she is very athletic and has a motor.

Taylor Dillard #20 – UTS Lady Elite E40 

Is a high-energy player. Goes out and does whatever is needed by her team. Grabs multiple rebounds, can defend with the best of them, and can score when needed. Don’t sleep on this kid. She can play.

Brooke Zartman #2 – OPS Black E40 2026

Really talented- scores from every angle. She can shoot the 3 ball, get to the rim and fill the gaps. Good in open court, on fast break, dribble under pressure, and make the correct pass when someone is open. Finished the game with 20 points.

Gabriella Helsom #22 – OPS Black E40 2626 

Big upside, very aggressive with the ball getting to the rim on multiple occasions. She can bring it up the court and read the defense to get the ball to the right person. When she attacks the basket, she does it with force, rewarding herself with trips to the foul line. Finished the game with 15 points.

Tatum Smith #42 – SMAC Ballers E40

She showed her ability to flat out shoot, stroked, 6 threes from behind the arc. She was able to get to her sweet spot and knock down shots. This kid has a bright future. If you’re looking for a shooter, you want to add her name to your list. She had a team-high of 24 points.

Evelyn Mcknight #23- SMAC Ballers E40

Plays with poise, very nice pull-up jump shot from midrange. She couldn’t miss. Great floor vision to find the open player with the smallest windows for an easy basket. Coaches- remember her name! Good floor leader and finished with 17 points.

Gemma Wichmann #24 – SMAC Ballers E40

A physical forward who can draw contact on anyone that guards he. Shee has good footwork and soft hands to score around the basket, defiantly a player you want on your roster

Ryan Burden #22 – Kentucky Premier 16U E40

Very aggressive with the ball. Gets to the paint without any problem. Rotates well without the ball. When playing on the ball she doesn’t let up-solid defender who will give it her all.

Kendal Batchick #2 – SMAC Elite 2025

She is a consistent and relentless shooter that can get her shot off fast. Scoring machine from deep, gets to the basket with no problem, has a crazy knack for the ball and filling in rebounding holes. Game-high of 22 points

Sofia Wilson#30 – SMAC Elite 2025

Can score the ball, and isn’t afraid to take it to the basket with bigger players. Leaves it out on the line on both ends of the floor, gets her shot off fast, and gets to the basket with no problem. Fiesty on the defensive side of the ball, applies pressure all game long. Finished with 13 points.

Grace Kinger #25 – SMAC Attack E40

Has multiple D1 offers, can get anywhere she wants. Shoot from long range or can take you off the dribble. She is effective on the break. She is unselfish and will pass it to the open player. Very skilled at her position and a dominant scorer. Keep an eye on this one- as good as advertised.

Ameia Jo Smit #4 – SMAC Attack E40

Has a lot of potential. She can rebound on multiple occasions and drive to the basket for field goals. Decent hot blocker who affects opponents shots in the paint. Plays like a wing player.

Ayana Richmond #15 – Hoop Dreams Athletics Black

Has a lot of hustle in her. Gives it her all on both ends of the court. Attacks the middle of the floor when it is open or makes a smart play and dishes it out to her open player. Long athletic player who can rebound and defend- high energy player- definitely one to watch.

Taylor Scohy  #12 – Ohio Lady Attack 2024 E40

Good hands and a soft touch around the basket. Moves great on cuts and backdoors with nice form when shooting. Very patient when making plays good player with a high IQ.

Avae Unrast #1 – Ohio Lady Attack 2024 E40

Quick guard with good foot speed. Moves well off the screens to find the open player. She can shoot from deep or mid-range. All-around player who can mix it up she has a lot of potential.

Savanna Hayes Bogle #23 – 2025 Where2Next NE2K

Savanna has good size for her position, She can put the ball on the floor as well. A beast on the offensive boards. Good defender who had two big blocks to start the game. She has good court vision. Attacks the basket with power and takes the contact. Finished the game with 17 points.

Jazmyn Johnson #5 – 2025 Where2Next NE2K

Jazmyn is lethal from 3 pt range. Ended the game with four made 3-pointers. She got to the basket well and was able to finish. She ended the game with a game-high 28 points.

Kayleigh Hilderbrand #13- 2024 Ohio Future Eifert Black NE2K

Kayleigh is an excellent shooter. She ended the game with just two made, but she shot the ball with confidence all game long. She didn’t need the ball in her hands to have an impact. She moves the ball really well with cuts with motion. Kayleigh ended the game with 8 points

Kylee Johnson #50 – 2024 Ohio Future Eifert Black NE2K

Kylee used her size really well today. She got a ton of second chance points because of her ability to offensive rebound.  Always in the right spot defensively. She showed great touch around the basket. She finished the game with 14 points.

Elizabeth Henry #40 – 2024 Ohio Future Eifert Black NE2K

Elizabeth runs the floor well. Good rebounder who boxes out well and really uses her body to shield defenders in the post. This open up the passing and driving lanes for her teammates. Elizabeth had a game-high 14 points.

Players to Watch List:

Samara Gibson #32 – 5’7”- 2024 Dayton Metro Hutch

Good build and athleticism. Skilled with both hands. She also enjoys defending, where she shows a lot of energy and passion. Nice tough in the paint and got some nice buckets on the move.

Marissa Wilkerson #22 – 5’8” 2024 Ohio Future Effect Black NE2K

Nice long guard that showed she can score from deep or at the rim. Has a really smooth jumper and hit multiple tough perimeter  shots. Never settled for jumpers, got nice shots off the  dribble as well.

Kylie Johnson – 6’1” 2024 Ohio Future Effect Black NE2K

So tough and solid. Rebounds strong with two hands and finds her guards very well. Every rebound is secure with her. Nice passer on outlets and in the half court for a big. Runs the floor well and can defend on the perimeter.

Lexi Bertemes #12 – 5’8” Guard 2024 SMAC Believe NE2K

Finds a nice balance of playing under control and still with intensity and energy. Good with both hands and finds ways to score in a variety of ways.

Brooke Lime #24 – 5’6” G 2024SMAC Believe NE2K

Really like her combination of size and strength. She’s patient and plays off the ball well. Finishes nicely I’m transition and is quick enough to get layups.

Emily Bratton #5 – 5’7” PG 2024 Ohio Future Shumate E40

Unbelievable PG. Literally has a sixth sense when it comes to distributing. Not only is she an elite passer and dribbler, she’s she has an uncanny ability to single handedly get her teammates open and great shots. Very good finisher at the rim, either hand, I’m traffic and with contact.

Jamisyn Stenson #1- 5’9” SG 2024 Ohio Future Shumate E40

Absolute sniper. Carried her team with a barrage of triples. Got a few layups after she adjusted to the defense overplaying her.

Kaitlyn Boyce #2 – 5’4” PG 2025 Ohio Future Samlow E40

Very consistent shooter with range and a quick release. High defensive awareness that makes her really good away from the ball I’m team defense and also extended full court. Also has the toughest to guard on the ball.

Sophie Ziel #25 – 5’8” G 2025 Ohio Future Samlow E40

Smooth guard that has good length. She’s natural in transition, especially with the ball. She’s much tougher than she looks and has no problem mixing it up. Showed nice creativity off the dribble.

Ella Chapman #4 – 5’4” PG 2024 Ohio Future Effect Black NE2K

Played very well against older kids. Very quick and gets in the paint quite a bit, which also gets her to the line a lot. Really nice finisher off two feet in the paint.

Erica King #5 – 5’7” G 2024 SMAC Attack E40

Plays aggressive n both ends of the floor. Great slashes, scorer and defender. Shot the ball extremely well and chose her spots. She has a great spring ahead of her!

Quinn Zerjal #32 – 5’11” F 2026 Lady Bradley Beal Elite NE2K

A fundamental big with a solid frame. Very good footwork, uses pivots and ball fakes really well. She’s a hard hat type that battle and does all the dirty work, yet has nice tough on her shot.

Josie Christopher – 5’4” PG 2026 Lady Bradley Beal Elite NE2K

Small spark plug PG with a tremendous skill set. Very high IQ and feel for the game. Passes and dribbles well with either hand and also knocks down the three. Full court defender.