Day 2- Player Report – BLACK DIAMOND CHAMPIONSHIPS- Scranton, PA.

Gianna Chuffo #3-5’6 Point Guard-Team Sharp 16/17U Blue 2024

Gianna has a high IQ, she can score with the best of them in the open floor, shoots a high percentage of mid-range jump shots with a quick release, and gets the ball up the court quickly to open teammates. She is a pure guard that can get the job done.

Natalya Muchinsiy #13-6’0 Forward Team Sharp 16/17U Blue 2024

Natalya has the skill set to play three positions. She can adjust her body in the air and attack the rim, plays good help side defense, and contests all shots. She can block shots and is a solid defender.

Giselle Davis #23 5’11-Guard/Forward-Team Sharp 16/17U Blue 2024

Giselle owns the paint, she is very long and athletic, has good hands with a soft touch around the basket. She has a nice mid-range jump shot and attacks the glass on both ends of the floor.

Stella Ziogas #3-5’5 Point Guard Hoopers-NY 17U Melious 2

Stella is a true freshman point guard who will be great. Her feel for the game is tremendous. She makes the right pass, she has unlimited range and is very consistent from deep. She has a big upside to her game, very poised and adds really good value while she’s on the floor.

Priyanka Ponnam #2-6’3 Forward/Center-Team Exodus EYBL

Priyanka has a lot of talent, dominates the paint, she is very strong, runs the floor well and understands the game. She goes hard on every possession, fights hard to get rebounds, makes it hard for the opposing team to score. She has length, size, and athleticism.

Lenora Nkangwen #15 6’1 F – FIO 2024

Lenora does a great job of flashing high post and hitting mid-range jumpers consistently. She is a good rebounder and interior defender. Her communication on defense is solid for her team. Her presence is known.

Ashely Loe #34 6’1 C – 25th Hour Athlete Varsity Club 2024

Ashely is a traditional center with great feet. She is a good rim protector and a good rebounder. Ashely does a good job of using her body to shield off defenders while driving to the basket.

Jenna Zuelch #12 – 6’0 Forward-SMAC Elite 2025 E40

Jenna showed up strong vs Exodus 17U EYBL’s 6’5 post player. She is physical, great at fronting the post and playing hard, and feisty on the court. She will get under the skin of her opposing player, playing solid defense and not worrying about scoring.

Daniella Matus #20-5’11 G – Team Sharp 17U Carolina E40

Daniella has a nice jumper and nice length for the guard position. She uses her long arms to deflect passes to get steals. Daniella has the ability to beat defenders off the dribble which led to her scoring 20 points in one half!

Ella Henton #24- 5’7 Shooting Guard-SMAC Elite 2025 E40

Ella last game of the day she came ready to shoot the ball. Playing against an aggressive defense it didn’t slow her down. She moves well without the ball, finding her spot in the corner for the 3 ball. Solid shooter and worker she will improve once the season continues.

Summer Henderson #33-5’7 G – NY Gauchos Gold 2024

Summer is a high-intensity player. She has a good feel for the game and has the skill to create her shot and create for others. Summer does a good job of talking to her teammates on offense and defense.

Alexis Ronsenfeld #11-6’3 F – Team Sharp 17U Carolina E40

Alexis has a nice size for the forward position. She is a good high-post player. Alexis can also put the ball on the floor and beat defenders off the dribble.