Day 1- Player Report – BLACK DIAMOND CHAMPIONSHIPS- Scranton, PA.

Ava Gazoo #20-5’7 Forward-NEPA NXT 17U Lorenzetti

Ava has a solid mid-range jump shot. She crashes the glass consistently on both ends of the floor, understands the pick and roll format to where she can finish at the rim and take up space. She is a hard worker that will get better as the years go on-versatile player with a big upside!

London Elliott #30-5’6 Point Guard-Team Melo 2027 NEXXT

London has a high-motor player that never stops. Plays with intensity and speed all game long. Pressures the ball without fouling defensively. Offensively-a skilled guard who attacks the glass and can get her own rebounds and put it back.

Skylar Brown #32-5’8 Forward-Team Melo 2027 NEXXT

Skylar is a very athletic wing player. Plays with a high intensity, very efficient, and is able to score around the basket at will. Plays good defense, very vocal, can guard multiple positions and slow down the player she is guarding.

Sienna DeStefano #5-5’7 Guard- Team Sharp 8th White

Sienna is long and athletic guard that can score. She slashes through the defense and can score around the basket. She has good floor vision to sneak the ball to her open player. The greatest aspect of her game is defense- she is constantly in the right place, applies great ball pressure, gets deflections. She impacts the game at both ends- keep her on your radar!

Reyna Facenda #10- 5’6 Guard-Team Sharp 8th White

Reyna has a lot of energy. She is a facilitator. She moves well without the ball, she is a pass first player and she plays with grit and tenacity.

Thelma Ikejebe #15- 5’9 Center- #15 Team Sharp 8th White

Thelma is very strong and knows how to use her size to dominate in the paint. She is aggressive around the basket and looks to grab every rebound. High motor and gives nothing is easy around the rim for the opposing team. She will be a special player in years to come.

Mackenzie Fitzgerald #24 -5’6 Guard-Team Melo 2025 NE2K

Mackenzie has quick hands and anticipates passing lanes extremely well. She can get out on the open floor and finish at the rim. She plays hard on every possession and takes no plays off.

Samiyah Johnson #15-5’11 Center-Team Melo 2025 NE2K

Samiyah is a strong presence down low. She forces a lot of turnovers and contested shots in the paint. She moves well on both ends of the floor, gets a lot of rebounds and put backs, has good footwork on the block, and will be a jewel to have on someone roster at the next level.

Isabella Suero #7-5’5 Point Guard-United NJ East 17U Delaney

Isabella is very talented. She can shoot the 3 ball really well with no hesitation. She has a quick release and is able to get her shot off, no matter what. She controls the pace of the game, has excellent court vision and can take whatever comes her way.

Kiyomi Mcmiller #32-5’7 Point Guard-NEPA 17U Elite Mocciocco

Kiyomi is very shifty when she has the ball in her hands. She can get to the rim with a quick first step. Consider her a one woman press break. She can shoot with either hand around the rim, handles the ball extremely well and defensively contests every shot. Very good player!

Denni Lawrence #22-5’7 Guard-SMAC ELITE 2025 E40

Denni is a solid all-around player. She runs the floor, doesn’t rush to score, looks to pass the ball, and gets in the middle of the defense. She is a smart-minded player with a good IQ of the game. She is tough!

Julia Hall #3- 6’0 Guard/Forward- SMAC ELITE 2025 E40

Julia can do it all! She is a nightmare for opponents due to her length, ability to get to the basket or stretch you for the 3. She is one of the most versatile players I have seen with a lot of growth and potential to be great.

Emily Tvrdik #13- 5’10 Forward-Central Jerseys Hawks 2024

Emily has a lot of skills-she reads the defense and finds the open spots to score, she has very good court vision, good movement on and off the ball, able to shoot mid-range and with her back to the basket. She is versatile!

Cassidy Kruesi #1- 5’7 PG-Central Jerseys Hawks 2024

Cassidy has great lateral movement and always keeps her head up. She makes the right play, dives for loose balls and does all the small things you want in a player. She moves well through screens-solid defensive player and a very good floor general.

Jaylen Alers #22-5’6 G – NEPA Elite 14U-Alers

 Jaylen is a big guard who loves to attack the defense with scoring pressure. She has a good handle. She is a physical defender who gets a lot of steals because of her defensive pressure. She is a good outlet passer who gets the ball out fast and on point. Can finish with both hands which is a good skill to have at a young age. Jaylen is also a good 3pt shooter she was confident every time she took one and made a bunch of 3s.

Morgan Brown #24- 5’10 C – Team Sharp 8th Blue NEXXT

Morgan has a nice size. She is a monster on defense- she had 4 blocks in the first half and ended the game with 6 blocks! She has a nice mid-range jumper and isn’t afraid of contact, fights for rebounds. With her only being in the class of 2027, she has a lot of potential to be a really great player in her class.

Layla Stanford #10- 5’5 G – Team Sharp 8th Blue NEXXT

Layla has a really good jumper, she hit three 3s this game. She did a good job of spacing the floor out and hitting some big shots to keep her team in the game. Layla is a good defender who moves her feet well and cuts off driving lanes to offensive players well.

Kaitlin Bindas #14- 5’3 G – My Sky Elite 8th NEXXT

Kaitlin has a good jump shot. She is a quick guard and can beat defenders with her first step. Kaitlin is the floor general for her team, she sets up most of their offense and was able to be the press numerous times.

Kirin May #15- 5’2 G – Crossroads Basketball Thomas Black 2024

Kirin is a pesky defender that gets a lot of steals. She plays the passing lanes well. She had 4 steals in this game. Kirin is a small guard only being listed at 5’2 but her defensive pressure makes up for her lack of height. The press her team was running worked well mostly because of Kirin and her speed!

Kaitlin Bindas #14- 5’3 G – My Sky Elite 8th NEXXT

Kaitlin has a good jump shot. She is a quick guard and can beat defenders with her first step. Kaitlin is the floor general for her team, she sets up most of their offense and was able to be the press numerous times.

Zya Washington #2 5’9 G – Team Miller Lightning 2024

Zya is a real physical guard who doesn’t give up on plays. She takes the ball strong going to the basket. She flies around the court and gets steals. Zya is a good shooter who hit two 3s this game.

Jamaiya McCloud #4-5’9 F – Team Miller Lightning 2024

Jamaiya is a high-energy player. She is very athletic and can finish around the basket efficiently. She did all of the little stuff that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet, but you felt her impact on the court today.

Christian Psarros #22 5’7 F  – Exodus NYC 17U National

Christian is a solid forward who has a nice size and length for her position. She doesn’t force anything she lets the game come to her. Christian did a good job of being versatile for her team by guarding bigs and guards and by playing inside and outside on offense.

Aiyanna Culver #3 5’4 G – Exodus NYC 17U National

Aiyanna has a nice handle. She has nice touch around the rim and is a shifty guard. She uses the pick well to get to her spots or hit open teammates. Aiyanna is a good defender who moves her feet well. She ended the game with 4 steals.

Kayleigh Heckel #4 5’9 G – Exodus NYC 17U EYBL

 Kayleigh is a very good guard- ranked 22nd in her class. She is a great defender and an elite ball handler. She can get to the basket and finish around the rim. She showed why she is a top guard in her class with her passing. Kayleigh found her teammates open time and time again.

Kateryna Koval #13 6’5 C – Exodus NYC 17U EYBL

Kateryna is the 3rd ranked player in her class and she played like it. She was dominant on the defensive side of the ball and contested every shot at the rim. She has a good postgame and showed great footwork in the post. Kateryna is a great rebounder she got a ton of offensive rebounds which led to second-chance points for her team.

Leah Harmon #42 5’6 G – Exodus NYC 17U EYBL

Leah is a great all-around player she can shoot, pass, defend, and dribble at a high level. She can finish around the basket. She has a nice 3pt shot and ended the game with five 3s. Leah is ranked 24th in the nation and proved why she is a big-time player in the Class of 2024!

Grace Ziogas #21 5’7 G – NY Hoopers Melious 2

Grace is a knockdown shooter who hit six 3s this game. The thing I like about Grace is that she doesn’t force anything-all her 3s came in the flow of the offense and great shooters knock down the open shots like she did!  Grace is a good passer and can handle and make the right decisions with the ball in her hands

Aubrey Murray #23 6’1 C – Team Melo 2024 Black

Aubrey is a good defender and has long arms. She blocked a lot of shots and contested a bunch of them as well. Aubrey is an okay rebounder she is not very physical, but her height and length make up for it.

Olivia Stone #23 5’10 C – Fencor 2024 Barry Girls

Olivia has a good handle for a big. She is a solid rebounder and got a lot of second-chance points for her team. She is fast and is able to run the break well because of her ability to beat the other big down the floor for easy layups.

Angelina Nice #10 6’0 G-F – FIO 2024
Angelina is a solid forward she is comfortable inside the paint and out on the perimeter. She is a high-IQ player who knows when to pass or to score. Angelina uses her great combination of height and speed to give offensive players a hard time dribbling and scoring while guarding them.


Gianna Chuffo #3- Point Guard Team Sharp 16/17 U Blue 2024

Very explosive with the ball, nice pull-up jump shot, attacks the rim aggressively, and has a very good IQ of the game.

Mia Cruz #25-Point Guard United NJ East 17U Devaney

Small and very quick, frustrates her opponent with tight defense, she slithers through the lane getting to the rim.

Nora Brady #4 G – Fencor 2024 Barry Girls

Nora is a good shooter and has a good handle. Nora was able to beat the press from a tough defense and set her team’s offense up multiple times this game.

Brooke Bolle #25 5’9 G – FIO 2024

Brooke is a good defender and is great at trapping ball handlers. She has a good handle and can finish around the basket.

Jordanna Schrecker #35 5’9 G – NY Hoopers Melious 2

Jordanna is a great shooter just like her teammate Grace. She hit four 3s and made the defense pay for leaving her open. She has a good handle and can beat defenders off the dribble.

Shania Estrich #12 5’5 G – SSBA Stars Girls 2024

Shania is athletic- quick first step and drives to the basket strong. She is a good defender who uses her speed to stay in front of ball handlers. 

Katherine Donaldson #14 5’10 F – Crossroads Basketball Thomas Black 2024

Katherine is a good rebounder. She can handle the ball well for a big and can run the break. Katherine uses her size to finish around the basket.